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Chi Nei Tsang literally means “internal organ energy massage.” It is an ancient Chinese, Daoist form of visceral manipulation. Techniques are used to directly treat the organs that are palpable, while organs that are not palpable are treated through their reflex points.

When our organs are overwhelmed with toxins, sedimentation accumulates causing physical and energetic blockages in the system. This affects the vital function of our organs and leads to emotional disturbances. Chi Nei Tsang helps to address these physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Chi Nei Tsang is in our Scope of Practice



  • Learn how to located and treat the reflex points of each organ

  • Learn how to locate and treat all palpable organs

  • Learn how to open and close the wind gate

  • Learn a basic Chi Kung exercise to improve sensitivity to subtle energies

  • Learn how to ward off “sick” energy picked up from clients


Occupancies are available for 3-10 participants per workshop.

Course study booklet will be provided. 

Date and location to be determined, please contact.


Length per course level is 24 hours.

Price per course level $600 (H.S.T. Included).

Course date: Nov 16, 17, 24, 2023

Small Class size, 4 student max

Location: Legion Road North, Etobicoke ON

Course date: May 9, 10, 11, 2024

Small Class size, 4 student max

Location: 4904 Severn Street, Severn Bridge ON



Chi Nei Tsang
(Abdominal Detoxification)

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