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Scope of Practice

On November 24 2020, the CMTO changed our scope of practice and “rescinded two policies 1) the Complementary Modalities policy, and 2) Modalities Considered to be Outside the Scope of Practice policy."  Instead of providing a list of modalities that is, or is not in scope, they have adopted a new modernized standard in which a modality can be used if:

1.     It involves the manipulation of joints and soft tissue with the aim of maintaining or rehabilitating physical dysfunction

2.     You can obtain informed consent from clients and explain the risks, benefits and side effect etc

3.     Training is sufficient to ensure safe treatment

4.     There is evidence to support the use of the modality for the benefit of the clients health

If the modality falls within this Scope of Practice, they may be billed as “Massage Therapy Treatment.”

Our Traditional Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang courses and treatments satisfy all the necessary requirements to qualify within our scope of practice.

For more detailed information please follow the link below:

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